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About Pre-IPO

Pre-IPO stands for investment into privately held companies that have already become unicorns (these are startup companies valued at over $1 billion) 1-2 years prior to their public offering at a much lower valuation than right before the IPO. In fact, pre-IPO investors are the last to invest in the company at its venture stage. At the same time these investors are 6-12 months ahead of a larger pool of investors, which enables them to obtain good terms of equity purchase.


Many of our current investors are already actively investing into US stock market or IPO transactions. However, the point is that the most rapid growth in the asset value (3-5x) happens prior to the company going public. In recent years investors engaged in pre- IPO investments have had a chance to earn over 50-100% per annum in US dollars.

Benefits of Pre-IPO with Vershina Capital

Over 3 years of experience in pre-IPO investments
Successful experience of investing in pre-IPO companies since 2018
Partners and founders are actively investing themselves (“Skin in the Game”)
In-depth analysis of projects included into our pre-IPO portfolio (expertise in the areas of EdTech, e-Health, FinTech, FoodTech and DeepTech / IT)
Diversification of risk by allocating investments in a portfolio of best pre-IPO companies.
Access to pre-IPO deals
own office and reps in the US (LA/SF/NY)
own pro-active search for target companies in emerging digital industries, including EdTech, FinTech, FoodTech, e-Health and DeepTech/IT
direct access to analytical databases, reports and non-public information
extensive network in the venture capital community
trust to Vershina Capital by US projects founders, business angels and venture funds
partnership with the first-tier world-famous venture funds
Reliable legal structure for investments into pre-IPO:
Cyprus company (SPV), preferred shares
Investment term up - to 2 years
SPV buys shares of pre-IPO companies directly (CapTable)
Capital gains tax = 0%
Flexible ways of exit from the project even before the IPO
VIP investment support (legal & finance & tax reporting support)

Pre-IPO portfolio

Vershina Capital has a diversified portfolio of shares of pre-IPO companies that are leaders in their industries. The preference is given to fields where Vershina Capital has profound expertise. The key role is given to the availability of detailed information and analytics on the project. The first-tier investment funds (SoftBank, DST Global, Tiger Global, etc.) have already invested into the companies that are part of our portfolio.

We have prepared a portfolio of the most efficient companies representing the fastest- growing US industries. We expect these companies to go public in the coming 12- 18 months and to bring maximum IRR to our investors. We invite our investors to join this new investment opportunity.


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